The fondations

It is imperative to install the pool on a hard, flat and undeformable surface such as raft. (Continuous reinforced concrete foundation consisting of a solid slab distributed over the entire structure, supporting the swimming pool). The reinforcing beams of the side walls must be placed and cast in the raft according to the foundation plans shown in the assembly instructions corresponding to the basin model. You will find the instructions for your pool at the bottom of the page. The mechanical resistance of the slab will correspond to EN-16582 requirements. The slab will be sized to withstand reasonably foreseeable load configurations. We recommend that you anticipate any future equipment that could impact this load. In any case, the characteristics must not be lower than the following elements: Concrete C25 / 30 at least. Concrete dosage of at least 350kg / m³ (NF EN 206-1 standard), reinforced with a structural welded mesh, type ST25 classification, type 150/150/7/7, sufficiently embedded in the concrete. Minimum thickness of the raft 15 cm thick over the entire surface of the pool, imperatively seated on stable ground, perfectly level and free from roughness or surface defects.

The slab forms the basis of the wooden structure. Any fault in its level will be perceptible once the pool has been filled with water. Too large surface defects will also adversely affect the quality of the bottom of your pool.

The implementation must take into account:

Urban planning regulations (construction zone, setback zone from property lines).
Sunshine and orientation vis-à-vis the prevailing winds. The existence of applicants This list is not exhaustive.

For any further information: consult your Go for pool distributor.

Backfill and drainage

As soon as the swimming pool is capable of being integrated into the ground, no wooden element of the wooden swimming pool must be in direct contact with the ground or with stabilized or 7/14 gravel embankments. If the swimming pool is in this situation, it is imperative to follow the following recommendations, otherwise the 10-year insecticide-fungicide warranty will be void.

  • The outside of the pool walls will be covered by a honeycomb waterproofing membrane (Platon® or Diba® type) on the buried part. The honeycomb face will be applied against the wall of the pool to ensure ventilation of the wall.
  • A draining backfill made of stabilized or lean concrete (sand / cement mixture) will be placed between the earth and the waterproofing membrane. This backfill must be at least 40 cm wide and will be present wherever the pool is buried.
  • A drain (agricultural type) will be placed at the bottom of the backfill, around the entire periphery of the slab. This drain must be connected to a low drainage (if the configuration of the land allows a natural flow of water by gravity), or to a sump equipped with a drainage pump (ideally placed on a gravel bed to avoid the mud)

The filling of the swimming pool must be done at the same time as the installation of the backfill, in order to balance the thrusts, under penalty of deformation of the swimming pool! If the pool is emptied (for example, to intervene on the liner), it is mandatory to shoring it, in order to prevent the backfill from pushing the walls inward. See the diagram opposite summarizing all of the above points.

Placing an order with us implies acceptance of all of our warranty conditions.

Treated pine planks

The autoclave treatment gives a guarantee on the treatment of the wood, which will be 10 years. This warranty only applies to the treatment of wood, that is, the action of protecting the wood for the period defined against attacks by fungi, xylophagous insects or rots.

Under this warranty, the only obligation incumbent on the seller will be the free replacement, or the reimbursement of the item recognized as defective. We will not cover any costs of installation, removal, emptying, filling, penalties for non-use, displacement, loss of earnings, or shipping.

As wood is a natural and living material, the movements and characteristics of this material are assumed to be known and accepted. Drying cracks, slight deformations, knots, graying of wood, which does not affect the strength, stability and / or use of the goods will not be covered by the warranty.

Any product buried, in contact with the ground or above ground, and undergoing a cut and / or a modification will lose the benefit of the guarantee. The copings are not guaranteed if it is shown that they have not been correctly treated or that the treatment has not been repeated.

Other components

The components of our swimming pools other than wood are only covered by their manufacturer’s warranty.

In the event of a problem, our intervention will be limited to the intervention of our supplier, and its warranty conditions. Please consult us before taking any initiative, so that we can explain the procedure to you.

Under this warranty, the only obligation incumbent on the supplier will be the free replacement or repair of the product or element recognized as defective by its services.

To be able to benefit from the guarantee, any product must first be submitted to the after-sales service of the supplier, whose agreement is essential for any replacement.

Any costs of installation, removal, emptying, filling, penalties for non-use, movement, loss of earnings and shipping will not be borne by the supplier.

The warranty on the liner only applies if our recommendations have been strictly followed. Holes, tears, snags, cuts, color, creases, dimensional stability, stains are not guaranteed. (see manufacturer warranty)

The filling or cutting of the parts to be sealed (clamping) constitutes tacit acceptance of the liner as delivered (color, size). It is strongly recommended not to treat water with products containing metal salts. Stains and fungi that develop due to improper treatment of water, or bacteria, will not be covered by the warranty.

The stainless steel scale is not guaranteed in the event of treatment by salt electrolysis. In general, any metallic element in the basin is not guaranteed in the event of treatment by salt electrolysis.

Please read carefully and keep for future reference.

  1. The Go for pool kits can be buried or above ground (with metal reinforcements sold separately for pools protruding from the ground by more than 30 or 50cm).
  2. Pages 14 to 17 show the name, interior and exterior dimensions, the surface of the water body, the depth, the cubing at the water line, the composition of the kit and the number of optional beams required for installation outside. floor more than 30 or 50 cm.
  3. The swimming pool is equipped with a liner and corresponds to the waterproofness class w * (data not available from the manufacturer).
  4. The assembly can be carried out by 2 people within an average time estimated between 1 to 4 days depending on the size, the model and the type of installation, excluding earthworks, foundations and flooding.
  5. The guarantees are specified in the table above.
  6. The buyer should consult the local building code for all applicable installation requirements.
  7. WARNING related to safety “The use of a swimming pool implies compliance with the safety instructions described in the maintenance and use manual. To prevent drowning or the risk of serious injury, pay particular attention to securing access to the swimming pool for children under 5 years old, and during the bathing period, keep them permanently under the supervision of a adult “.