What is in a swimming pool

Why put the price  ?

The swimming pool is a technical product. Our competitors usually tell you little about it at the time of purchase because you have to sell the dream! You then discover at your expense that the quality was not there. Result: you buy new components … and the bill gets heavier (not to mention pollution). Be responsible, the price is forgotten, the quality remains.

Are there different qualities possible and what will I get for my money?

Isn’t it better to get it right from the start?

We’ll tell you what GoForPool does better than the competition, and why it matters.

Quality is judged on several criteria


The flow rate of the filtration pump is an important criterion because the more water is stirred, the less quickly it will green.

GoForPool swimming pools are equipped with an 8m³ / h pump to mix the water well.

Functionalities/Pratical aspects

There is one operation that you are going to do a thousand times. An idea ? Cover and uncover the pool. If you have a stainless steel ladder that is bolted to the coping, your cover will not be laid flat. There is a risk of being caught in the wind and damage to your cover.

GoForPool swimming pools are equipped with a ladder with inverted plates to be removed without tools and thus facilitate the installation and removal of your cover.


It often depends on the materials used: the filtration tank, which is a pressurized tank as evidenced by the pressure gauge, exists in several materials. If it’s plastic, it won’t forgive you for neglecting maintenance. it will crack under pressure and in such a case the warranty will not work. Take an interest in materials, they are a guarantee of quality!

GoForPool swimming pools are equipped with a fiberglass filter, reinforced with a polyester coil. They resist higher pressures than plastic.

GoForPool delivers : 

A wooden frame : Northen Red Pine treated under autoclave pressure (Class IV)

The species and origin of the wood are very important for the durability of the framework. Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) is considered rot-proof unlike fir. To protect it from xylophagous insects and lignivorous fungi, it is treated in an autoclave. This treatment is not commensurate with soaking (no pressure). The durability is superior.

Liner  75/100e. 

A liner with up to 200% elasticity. It is slightly smaller than the size of the pelvis to stretch under the weight of the water and minimize the risk of kinks. If it is stretched, it is, in some places, not its original thickness. So you need a 75 / 100th to guarantee sufficient thickness.

Four existing colors: medium blue, light blue, Caribbean green, sand.

One pump : Fixed flow 8m³/hour

It is the stagnant water that turns green. A good flow guarantees good water brazing.

A filter : Ø 450 mm tank in polyester (coiled) glass fibers.

The filter is a pressurized tank. The more the materials are resistant to pressure, the more resistant the filter will be. Don’t be fooled by the 10 year warranties on a plastic filter. In the event of a crack, it will not be covered if it is an overpressure. Choose resistant materials.

The filter media : Aqualoon (polypropylene)

The Aqualoon plays the same role in the sand filter but it filters 2 to 3 µ much finer (vs 20 to 40 µ for sand). In addition, the manipulations are much easier. Cleaning can be done in the washing machine. Water savings are therefore possible compared to traditional backwashing of the filter.

A stainless steel ladder with inverted plates

There is one operation that you will have to do hundreds, see thousands of times: cover and uncover your pelvis. On this occasion, you will notice that the stainless steel ladder hinders the installation of the cover. But not with a GoForPool! The stainless steel ladder can be removed without tools. You just have to pull it vertically for it to come out of its anchors which remain in the coping without protruding from it. Your cover will fit perfectly to the coping for a better seal, which allows for heat gains and prevents water evaporation.

A wooden stair

Removing the access staircase to the above-ground pool represents an additional gain in safety.

Only if installed above ground (linked to ordering optional beams except on the Eight model), removable without tools.


GoForPool delivers the stainless steel Torx® head screws in a very practical plastic case.

Stainless steel screws do not oxidize, unlike bichromate screws. The Torx® head used with the correct bit prevents damage to the screw heads during assembly. The case allows the screws to be transported while minimizing the risk of loss (s). Imagine the disaster if you lost a screw in the grass and had a hole in the liner.

Selecting :

  • 4 models to choose from, available in several sizes (11 variants).
  • 4 liner colors.

Quality :

  • Frame in Northern Red Pine, pressure treated in a class IV autoclave.
  • Liner 75 / 100th
  • 8m³ / h pump equipped with a circuit breaker.
  • 6-way valve.
  • Fiberglass sand filter tank, reinforced with polyester.
  • Hydraulic Ø 50mm (crown 25m).


GoForPool has thought of equipping its stainless steel ladder with inverted plates.

Plates are located in the coping. The stainless steel ladder posts slide into it.

When you remove the ladder, your copings are perfectly flat and the cover is easy to install. Without this trick, you would have plagued for years!

Tight deadlines:

Usually in stock in the different types of liners, the delivery time depends only on transport. Depending on whether the truck is to be fitted with an on-board lift or not, the lead time will vary from one to three weeks.

If you or your pool specialist wish to remove it from the production site, this is possible.

With a GoForPool, you enjoy our pool practice. We know that for it to be and remain fun, it must be well designed and well equipped. This will save you the trouble of learning the hard way and save you money! Because replacing components is neither easy nor cheap. The price is related to the practical and technical aspects. The cheapest is not always the one posted the cheapest.

The wooden pool is the most ecological

Certainly, you have to cut down a tree, you tell me. But wood is the only material among all those available to build a swimming pool that is renewable. It is the one that has the least impact on our environment. The tree has been the partner of man since the dawn of time and it is not about to stop. Man has understood this and forestry operations are managed sustainably. Wood is a natural and renewable product, unlike concrete or fiberglass.

But also the most economical !

The wood pool, with filtration quality and comparable or similar equipment, remains the most affordable.

The essence of wood; an important capital !

Each wood species has its own characteristics, its use class and its durability class. Its resistance to twisting, bending, crushing and much more. The wood can be treated in different ways (painting, soaking, under pressure in an autoclave, etc.). Be careful, not all swimming pools are created equal!

The advantages of the wooden swimming pool

Wood blends in perfectly with the natural decor of your garden. You can also to harmonize this one paint the wood of your swimming pool if it is above ground.

GoForPool pools have a solidity thanks to the choice of wood species. They are also easy to assemble whether done by yourself or by a professional.