Choose the shape

You can choose the shape according to your tastes of course but do you know what that implies?

  • An octagonal round swimming pool (Model Eight) offers the advantage of being able to do without reinforcing joists, whether it is buried, semi-buried or above ground. This is a big advantage if you already have a flat, concrete surface to install your pool on. Conversely, it cannot receive a shutter. Its shape ensures good mixing of the water. It is available in 3 diameters. The first model (Eight Ø320cm) occupies less than 10m² on the ground, which reduces the administrative procedures in France.
  • An elongated octagonal swimming pool (Model Eight Elongated) will require metal reinforcing joists but less than its rectangular equivalent of similar size. It cannot be fitted with a shutter or roller (except for specific arrangements). Stirring the water is also very efficient.
  • A square swimming pool (Model Four) allows you to install a bubble cover reel or a shutter. (Available in our accessories section). Beams will be necessary regardless of the type of installation. There is also a model under the 10m² on the ground (300x300m).
  • A rectangular swimming pool (Four Elongated Model) is ideal for playing or swimming. It is easily fitted with a bubble blanket reel and thus reduces evaporation and loss of calories (T ° of water) during the night. The smallest model also occupies less than 10m² of floor space.

Choose the size

The size of the pool is often chosen according to the size available on the ground.

If you don’t have space constraints, you can consider the following parameters:

  • How many people must it be able to accommodate simultaneously?
  • To do what? (swimming, playing, lounging, …).
  • What budget do you want to devote to it?

If you wish to heat it or add certain equipment, the size of the pool will have an impact on these equipment.

The dimensions which are proposed to you are the internal dimensions of the basin and not the external ones.

Choose the liner

You have the choice between 4 liner colors:

Medium Blue

bleu de france

Light Blue

Bleu moyen

Caribbean Green

vert caraïbe