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The shutter has many advantages; it saves water, chemicals and energy, its motorization integrated into the axis and the blades available in color also make it attractive. The safety aspect has not been forgotten: our shutters are approved with NF90-308 safety standards.

  • Reduced evaporation
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Product savings
  • Slowing of the proliferation of algae
  • Decreased water pollution, reduced evaporation, up to 85% temperature gain of around 5 ° C.

NF90-308 certification

Our shutters have been tested by LNE, they can be installed so as to meet French safety standards NF90-308 from 2.30m pool width. These standards are considered to be the strictest in Europe.

Composition of the Kit (Excluding blades)

Two stainless steel feet + two PRN wooden foot trims. Automatic limit switch, electrical box with electronic card and transformer, shaft with 120Nm motor, key box.

The “+” of the shutter

The shutter was developed with a reputable manufacturer. It must be ordered with the swimming pool because we are making a few changes that make the difference.

Here are some reasons which prevailed and which justify its development:

  • Guarantee the compatibility of the shutter with the pool: the additional weight of the shutter on the copings must be taken into account. Reinforcements of wooden structures are provided under the copings for this purpose.
  • Adding an aesthetic “plus”: the shutter foot trims are of the same essence as those for the copings. The stainless steel feet have been sized to be trimmed and to integrate the key box.
  • Ease of installation: we remove the wood from the copings in order to receive the stainless steel feet. Once the copings have been rigorously installed, the location of the stainless steel feet is determined.

65mm PVC lamps

  • Buoyancy: 80N / m²
  • U-value: 3.5W / m²K
  • Silicone caps
  • 2 years warranty
  • 5 colors available: white, gray, sand, mocha and azure blue.

Please note: if you combine a shutter and a salt chlorinator or a pH and / or chlorine regulator on your swimming pool, there is a supplement of € 250.00 for the modification to be made in the electrical box of the shutter.

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Azure Blue PVC, Gray PVC, PVC Mocha, PVC Sand, White