10 year guarantee

Frame &  liner

Autoclave treatment

Preserving wood

45mm thick

Northern Red Pine (Scots Pine)

Our pool walls are made of Northern Red Pine (Scots Pine), 45mm thick, from regions north of the 57 ° parallel. This Nordic origin gives them strength and natural durability superior to species from more temperate regions, often used by other manufacturers (spruce, Landes pine, Douglas fir and other native species). We only choose wood with slow growth, high density and therefore excellent quality.

We treat our wood in an autoclave, this pressure treatment with the aim of preserving the wood from xylophagous insects and lignivorous fungi.

* Subject to compliance with the assembly instructions, we guarantee the framework for 10 years, with a degressivity rate of 10% per year.

The traditional half-timbered assembly technique, used for centuries in the construction of chalets in the Scandinavian countries, guarantees our structure exceptional strength and rigidity. It allows it to withstand extreme conditions and the strongest pressures / compressions.

The coating

Your swimming pool is waterproofed by a 75 / 100th thick liner.